How to add volume to hair?

  • You can use a tool with a small diameter - it will create small curls, which need to be combed. In that case, an exuberant volume is provided.
  • You can also use the fleece principle. When the curls cool, a small comb is made in the root area with a brush.
  • A diffuser will also be useful. If you dry your hair before curling with a curling iron, the basal volume will be more noticeable.
  • You can also apply special powder to the root zone to obtain additional volume.
  • Drying your hair with your head tilted will give your hairstyle maximum volume.

Sum up

Any woman should be able to curl her hair with the help of the Best Rotating Curling Irons, regardless of how long or short, straight or wavy her hair is. Either way, you can find the perfect model that will help you create beautiful hairstyles.

Curling with a curling iron allows you to have a beautiful and stylish hairstyle daily, which can make even the most beautiful women even more seductive. However, we do not always have the opportunity to request this service at the salon. This permission is a unique opportunity to create beautiful hairstyles on your own, so let's talk about using a curling iron.

A curling iron is a unique device that any woman can easily use. The curling iron is great for straight and curly hair. In the modern market, a wide range of the most diverse types of foreign and domestic manufacturers is presented. Therefore, when choosing a device, some information must be considered. Hair styling can be done very quickly. The curling iron also gives women the opportunity to experiment. This means that you can create new images for yourself daily, changing your hair style.

For example, if you have medium length hair, using a curling iron, you can do a hairstyle or hairstyle for yourself. Long, curly hair can be straightened if desired. If, on the contrary, the hair is straight, you can curl seductive and elastic curls or light curls yourself. The curling iron is an indispensable tool when cutting a waterfall, as it allows for an excellent appearance of small and large curls.

To begin, it must be clarified that the hair must be clean. Before you start using the curling iron, you need to apply a special tool to your hair to protect your hair from thermal effects. It must be applied over the entire length of the wire and then distribute the tool with a small comb. In addition to the protection function, these funds also usually fix curls.

Now you need to press the handle and, when the curling iron opens, take a small lock of hair (1-2 cm) and gently roll it in the curling iron, starting at the roots, at a slight angle, distributing the lock across the surface. You need to wind each wire no more than 20 seconds. It is best not to unroll the curling iron wire, but to carefully remove the curling iron. So you don't stretch your hair.

Using a curling iron to curl short hair, it is worth lifting the wire with a wooden comb and using a curling iron without removing the comb. Therefore, you will avoid skin burns, which usually happens when curling short hair.

After curling all the strands, you need to comb your hair. Don't forget the important curling iron - you can't touch the curls until they're cool; otherwise, your efforts will go down the drain. In addition, if desired, you can correct the finished hairstyle with varnish.

After you finish using the curling iron, it is imperative to clean its surface with a soft cloth, removing the remains of styling or protective equipment. If there are roughness or scratches on the curling surface, you can easily damage your hair on the next curl.